Jared Stilley

Attorney at Law

Jared began his career as a Prosecuting Attorney for Jasper County, Missouri.  As a Prosecuting Attorney he learned valuable information and insight on how the court process works, how the prosecutor’s office handles cases, and gained excellent trial experience.

After leaving the Prosecutor’s office, he went into private practice and has handled a very large volume of criminal cases.  He has represented clients charged with the most serious of felonies, various misdemeanors, and minor city ordinance and traffic violations.

On a daily basis, he answers client phone calls, represents clients in court, gets warrants withdrawn, bonds reduced, assists clients get their licenses reinstated, and gives counsel regarding their current problems.

In addition, he works with clients that have been involved in auto accidents.  He ensures that clients are justly compensated by insurance companies for their injuries and damages.

He takes great pride in his work and promptly responds to client phone calls and questions.

Jay O'Donnell

Attorney at Law

Jay O’Donnell is an up-and-coming attorney in Southwest Missouri and the newest member of the Stilley Law Firm. Jay graduated from University of Missouri Kansas City, School of Law and began his legal career at the Jasper County Prosecutor’s Office. He joined as an associate attorney at Stilley Law Firm in 2020, where he now handles a wide variety of criminal and driver’s license related matters.